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prison-Reality Room Escape

Subordinated to Wuhan Zhaolian Investment Adviser Co., Ltd, the 911 Room Escape (the 911 Room Escape) has registered and operated for more than ten years. It is a company and a research and development group engaging in professional game design and prop fabrication (the Business License and PhD certification are available at any time). And it also is the first professional company developing props and business operation of reality room escape in China.

The 911 Room Escape provides the most innovative design of reality room escape game, prop fabrication and the coaching to create the reality room escape game(Real room escape game, Trueman room escape game). Our development of the themes of room escape is focused on the forward-looking and amusing technologies. Besides, we continuously absorb the witty and humorous game spirit and strive to break the limitation of the secular and mediocre world so as to show the vitality, imagination and creativity of interactive mental games. 

Reality room escape (Real-life room escape game, Trueman Room Escape) is the most popular and the hottest business in the 21st century, and also an excellent choice for the team entertainment from the modern young people. As a creative industry with traps one after another and cool challenges, it has huge market, high profits and endless entertainment. 

Within only four years, we have already provided services for more than 300 clients from more than 30 countries. The influences by the 911 Room Escape can be easily found in the rapid development of the reality room escape (real-life room escape game) industry in China.

Our advantages 

rich and extensive experience, professional design team, application of high-tech props, shocking scene settings, tricky puzzles and traps. In addition, we also flexibly design the original themes of room escape according to the requirement of clients and the structure of the location.

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The themes of 911 room escape

horror, suspense, detective, fantasy, mystery, romance, confrontation, etc.

When reality room escape starts, the 3 to 9 players will enter a mysterious space. This fantastic room is equipped with a variety of clues, secret codes and traps. The players need to decode and uncover the truth within one hour with collaborative wisdom, discussion and reasoning, so that they can find the key that opens the door or the password to the final close and finally out of the chamber of secrets!

High Profits 

In China, the 911 Room Escape has witnessed such fact that the reality room escape (real  room escape game) get popular quickly. Therefore, it is a golden business with a small capital and high profits.

A room escape business with three to six themes needed to invest 60 thousand RMB to 200 thousand RMB. The monthly net earning is 74 thousand RMB (three themes) to 138 thousand RMB (six themes). The average monthly net earning is 28.8 thousand RMB. The revenue of the peak period (winter holiday and summer holiday) will be doubled.

Our Services 

the 911 Room Escape provides the whole coaching including original theme plan, management, maketing and the key props——photoelectric control devices.

Service charge is mainly determined by the number of devices in the room escape theme.

Note 1: The photoelectric control devices for room escape are the most complex parts, however they are extremely amusing with strong sense of science and technology. 

Note 2: “The whole coaching” includes selection and matching of the room escape themes, room partition, wiring, decoration, purchasing list, management system, reservation list, opening promotion, decoration method, and posters, etc.

Our Design Criteria

Have a special story. The theme story has a clear background and is suspenseful, interesting and compelling.

Before designing the room escape, it is necessary to have a basic understanding of the building structure, achieve reasonable partition, optimum utilization and choose the most suitable theme;

When various themes are set in one location, it is necessary to pay attention to the reasonable collocation of different themes (terror, suspense, thriller, spy)  and difficulty of the puzzles;

The functional partition of reception area is reasonable. The decoration style is consistent with the suspense and mystery of the theme;

The materials and props are accessible. The cost of investment, decoration operation and maintenance is controlled at a low level;

Novel and unique creativity; shocking and exciting scene;

Make full use of existing space structure of the renting space;

Show high technologies and delights as far as possible;

The logic chain should be reasonable and order, rather than being too far-fetched or forced;

The matching of the hidden items (the ability to observe) , the collaboration ability, and the logic reasoning should be reasonable;

The puzzle solving game has strong interactivity. The logic reasoning is quite funny with a reasonable and order connection;

The design and layout of the clues are reasonable and are able to test the observation of the players;

The combined use of props and clues are required to improve the delights rather than simple searching of clues and items are far;

Lay emphasis on teamwork. Some perceptive functions (hands,feet,eyes) of the players can be limited to improve the difficulty of passing the game;

The room can be equipped with music player to create the atmosphere.

Our Advantages

◇Puzzle – delights (interesting) and creativity

Our puzzle design stress the most interesting experience. And we can provide matching services of puzzle props production; our puzzle design contains a lot of highly interesting photoelectric devices like laser technology, electromagnetic, numerical control, and robot. Thus, it is quite different from the boring pure reasoning like solving Olympian math problems.

◇Theme – fun and creativity

Our themes are equipped with the latest photoelectric devices (such as various types of sensors) which greatly increase the interesting experience, and also easily installed.

◇Props – fun and creativity

The puzzle props we designed are not only able to bear dismantling but also are easy for purchasing or production. With a low cost, they are easy to implement and maintain. At the same time, they are also highly interesting.

◇Scene – delights (interesting) and creativity

The design of the theme story is creative. The scene decoration is shocking with a low cost. The decorate cost as well as the sense of identification are also taken into account.

◇After service – design upgrading

We have specialized design group (Wuhan in China) taking responsible for the following continuous upgrade for every room escape theme. Each them will be continuously upgraded and will be provided to the customer for free.

Our Address and Contact Information 

Design company:  No. 603-605, Tower A of Zhiyuancaifu Building, No 229-1 Xiongcu Avenue, Hongshan District, Wuhan.   Mobile phone:155227111888  13018076663

Props production and room escape loacation:  South half floor of the 10th floor, Tower A of Pengchengguoji Building,Wuluo Road, Hongshan District, Wuhan.   Mobile phone:18602758589 Telephone 18602758589  E-mail:

The reality room escape (real-life room escape game, trueman Room Escape) is the first choice for the the young people and the best choice for the team training of enterprises and schools.

The extremely interesting puzzles of logic reasoning designed by the 911 Room Rscape Design Studio absolutely are not general knowledge quiz or IQ test. Its extremely exciting challenges and colorful delights make it full of extraordinary temptation. Our reasoning puzzles are just like highly difficult brain gymnastics. You can never take the crown in this game and experience the surprise of success without intense brainstorming and wisdom adventure.

The reality scene and multiple traps are designed, developed and carefully set by the 911 Room Escape. They can challenge a variety of potential of individuals to the utmost extent. The players’ courage, observation and IQ/EQ can be improved in intense and exciting game. Besides, the players also will experience unprecedented delights, novelty, mystery and surprise in the interactive entertainment.

Attachment 1 

To start a reality room escape business, it is necessary to select the district which is close to both the center of business cycle and the concentration area of school. Prosperous business circle (including food and beverage and other entertainment stores) can well satisfy the half day or one day entertainment combination of young people. At the same time, the student groups are most likely to get together and form a group, and they are also most likely to accept new games. 

Attachment 2 

Under the guidance of the ” room escape guide”, the player will firstly have a rough understanding of the background and task of the game theme and then enter into the room. Within one hour, player needs to solve multiple puzzles together with his team, and pass five to nine checkpoints in one to six rooms.  If the players fail to pass timed challenge, our staff (“room escape guides “) will get them out safely; if the players can not pass the game within one hour, and there is no following reservation of other customers, the “monitoring and prompting staff” of the store can remind players (through interphone) that they can have additional half hour or one hour to continue the challenge. The consecutive extra time is at half price. Violent dismantling is forbidden during the game. If a group of players can elect a qualified opinion leader and keep good communication with each other, the rate of clearance will significantly improved. 

Attachment 3: the daily management

The daily management of a reality room escape site includes: reservation, reception, guidance and explanation, restoration of the scene, prompt cleaning, publicity and promotion, puzzle prompt, store management. As for the scheduling, two to seven staff are arranged for the shift. Each of them takes responsible for one to three items.


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